September 12, 2010

Protect your opinions. Google is selling your beliefs for cash.

This post is in response to (Google) adsense being used to Hijack the opinions and viewpoints of the people that bring all the viewers to us.

In the last few days, this service has failed it's user's and supporters terribly.

In the wake of madness streaming from televisions all over our nation, the people turned to the place everyone said was a novelty, Youtube. When 2 years of constant arrogant disinformation  shows only more  lies about what America wants. The people have come here.

     The novelty of TV as a source for information and education was what our people considered it when it was introduced. The exact same comments were made about youtube when it showed up.  The evolution of media centers on choice. TV has lost its way, and is proving right now that it may have lost its mind as well. Journalists who pander to the wealthy and knowingly report fabricated news has become the norm.

The people came here. Now is the time to stand against having the ideas and opinions of people we do not trust rammed down our throats.. This is truly so much worse than spamming product placements. I dont mind advertisements and encourage good products to buyers. Thats how we do this. But regardless of who's political agenda is being run. It is absolutely WRONG to run a political partys negative mudslinging right where people come to to get news from people they trust.

It is metaphorically the equivalent of going to your church, or mosque or temple and finding it surrounded by Militant racist Lesbian protesters. Calling for the sterilization of all women married under a religious faith.   "Why are they at my church? We never go to their Fascist Slumber partys and tell them what to think. "

While this example is  ridiculous , without offending anyone, (the religious will laugh, because, its about the gays. The LGBT's  will laugh, because they have a sense of humor)

It is actually worse and much less amusing what is really happening.  The last two days I have been assaulted by the very same self serving diatribe of the the worst examples of American culture. Not while watching kitten videos or whatever daily meme catches my fancy. While going to the people whose news and opinions I trust. Those who have made themselves known by their actions. Not by who paid them to take on the job. Good people who have stepped up to fill the gaps left behind in the social climate of this modern age. An age of media manipulation and plummeting  standards of accountability to criminal levels.

I know some of these people personally and collaborate with them professionally and I am  sure they would never authorize the blatant poaching of their personal beliefs and opinions.

What are your beliefs worth to you? Because they have been sold already.

Please Google and people of ad sense. Fellow video artists, bloggers ,vloggers, trolls, haters l33td3wds and nerds. Let us all respect and protect our viewers  right to make their own opinions. Protect your honor as global communicators to not let some jackasses personal agenda be the first thing your viewers see.

Step forward and let them know,
"Its my channel! These are my veiwers!  I am the only jerk who gets to talk first!"

Thank you,
and may the universe shine for you all.

Diligently yours
                          Titus Oneill

Google, its time to live by the values that brought you up.

Personal beliefs and politics are not plush toys or vacation packages, dont treat them like they are.

(this message will be in every language and reposted all over the planet.) This is only my first step towards seeing that this issue is handled accordingly. I ask all of you to join me as individuals, however
you want to, get the word out.

I would never ask that you repost my opinion, I will ask you to please post yours. Make videos, call your friends up and ambush an apple store or best buy. Whatever you do, do something. We have already done nothing so long that it happened. While we sat there giggling at OMG cat.