January 19, 2017

Me babeling about religion, christians, the one god, and how utterly full of crap humanity has allowed itself to be.

Love that comes with a list of demands, and prices set to be payed in the coin of spiritual freedoms; that is an evil created by man, and therefore not god.

It's an easy thing to offer acceptance, love and the wealth of an eternal kingdom beyond pain. It is even easier to prey on those who are suffering, in pain and scared of the world around them.

A kind gesture of selfless concern means the world when it is crashing down on top you. Advice, food, sometimes even shelter for a moment from ones own life and it's lonely struggles, provided freely, with no expectations; this is a powerful gesture that often is repaid with blind trust. Trust is the currency of Love, not loyalty. Trust is what we give each other when we exchange our individual lives in for the connected life of a loving relationship. Loyalty comes in to play, of course, but that is a whole other discussion on relationship dynamics and open communication.

My point is, that the hand that was offered was really a hook. They take the bait and are expected to consume it, they just can't leave with it. The line is tugged to set the hook, "God sent you to us and us to you so we could show you his love and be healed it, through us."

It's like spiritual narcotics, with pushers out giving away free samples of God. It isn't God, it is still a narcotic and the more you want the more of yourself you have to give and when you have given everything, you will still die. The Church will not be available on the other side, existence will still exist by its own laws; without any trace of human laws.

A lanuage composed in energy and written in matter, coded in molecules that sing of their atomic structures to darkness and the light. All of it carried in massive waves of gravity on oceans of bubbling infinities. When existence began so did other stuff; life, energy, matter, friction, entropy, and chaos. Without chaos we would not have life, without the perception of the self, we would not have ego, and without ego we would not be the silly arrogant creatures that we are.

Have you ever considered how unbelievably arrogant we are as a species, as it directly relates to region, God, and creation? That we set down rules and laws based on stories we had been passing down since we first started grunting and painting on walls, for like 15k years, which became the structures of our cultures, and the society of peoples we are today; it blows me away. That the Christian Fundamental laws state that we are created in Gods image, and that why he is a he, and he looks just like, white people. This level of arrogance only exists within theologies that place the human race at the center of the reasoning behind the creation of existence itself.

Logic is not the answer, obviously, if it was then we never would have created God based on our species defining characteristics of Self Awareness, Reflection and Empathy for each other. I mean when you say to yourself, self reflection, and then think about the peoples who built the Mono Theism's it makes sense that we built them based on the only ting we knew, ourselves. But we don't really know ourselves yet do we? At this very moment those structures of culture are at the heart of global violence, hatred, murder, greed and brutality; and this has been the prevailing theme involving them for a few thousand years.

So put down your copy of "The New WORD Bible, 3rd edition Interpretation of the King James Bible of the New Testament -1992"
or whatever book it is that has caused you to stop listening to each other, and start adulting as a species. This starts with good listening skills, a basic fundamental understanding of analytical problem solving and positive functional communication tools.

We are writing our language as we speak it, and always have been. It is crucial that we keep listening to each other with the purpose of understanding and progressive discussion. When we decide that something is a certain way, or should only be allowed to be what we understand at this moment to be right (based on what we have learned or been told) we are the ones responsible for the conflicts caused by arguing for our indignance.

The language of existence can only help us as far as we allow ourselves to be helped.
There are no sections of this language that include a signature, nothing to claim responsibility for it all being here or explain existences purpose. There most certainly is not anything written in the structure of existence that demands acknowledgment, sets absolute rules to govern social and cultural architectures for self aware biological species that have risen from the random chaotic melange of elements that comprise the physical universe.