May 02, 2015

There and back again, then back there..

The Universe is awesome, funny, cruel and a big tipper to those paying attention to the moment.

This journal in parts was started while on the trip back, Chubby's Diner 3:30 AM  Kansas City, MO

One night in January-2015, after 8 months of caring for my mother whose death bed I tended and home I cared for; then 4 more months after she suddenly and miraculously cured herself of a cancer that had spread through 2/3 of her skeletal structure, I plugged in to the universe and listened.

Well that was the plan, and plans are great for buildings, but my life has more secret rooms and hidden passageways leading to adventures than,,,,well actually just as many as everyone else. While everyone else is looking at the life they want to have or carrying around all the life they used to have, I do not; not anymore anyhow.

So, there I was, in a rut, living in my swiftly recovering mothers home, no longer the caregiver, and swiftly remembering why my mother and I stopped living together when I was 16. I know what I mean. I cannot stand just sitting in a holding pattern while my life spins by, but at least now, I have learned what they look like and have found ways to extract myself from them. The trick is to find the path you cannot see, then jump into the fog of the unknown..  Sometimes the universe is so open to me, or I to it, that the paths fall in front of me, and like Dorothy, I skip down the brightly covered road towards the unknown, usually whistling and sometimes singing as I go. This time wasn't like that, but not to worry, the universe at that very moment provided me the means to acquire the great shamanistic magic of our species.

I was so ready for this, I knew the time was right, and that this was how the questions I had not asked would answer themselves. I invoked the magic, then prepared to leave my mothers house and go to the large field by my house and speak with the stars; but first, I would have to shut down all the the stuff i was doing on my workstation: duh.

Just before I closed my browser the magic hit, and with my being open to winds I suddenly did a search for an old friend whose information I had gotten weeks before but had not contacted. WTF, we had actually had a long and involved chat about whether we knew each other over a year previous, and she was already friended. I laughed with pure joy as I read the clueless chatlog from back then which ended in us both agreeing we couldn't remember the other but most likely had crossed paths.
She had been to SPAM House before, as well as just about everyone in my social network and extended networks. That was why I moved out of SPAM house,, to god damn chaotic,

I knew this woman as a girl and the boy I was memories leaped in to fill in the blanks, but there is only a giant static burst of joy and intimacy that is entirely unique to our time together in the 80's. Timecon 88, and one beautiful night during the 4 days that my Pinto hatchback was alive.

Instead of going out to look into the stars, I sent a message, and moments later her reply came, with a picture of she had just taken, looking right into my eyes across the digital landscape with stars twinkling inside them.
To Be Continuimed !