December 07, 2016

Looking at me now, so I can see what I become later.

I live fierce, love without fear and believe in positive spiritual and cognitive progress for our species.

It is my decision to stand against negativity, by being positive. I have always risen against injustice, cruelty, brutality and manipulation when it crosses my path. You can imagine that in this society, which prides itself on ingesting the cognitive feces of greed and fear, I have not always been considered it's friend. I used to try and fight for them all; so they could see themselves at the trough and realize they do not have to eat it, nor should they regurgitate it.

You cannot fight in their trough and expect to win. By trying to attack negativity, you end up feeding it. You validate it's fear and activate it's defenses.

So now I just live my life, love the people in it, do my best to make the world around me a better place; through my example, positive problem solving. I help people find the paths to their goals, or collaborate with them as a team. Working together so their creations become reality and speak clearly of what they inspire.
I talk to everyone who wants to have a good conversation, or a laugh; without any expectations or agenda of change.

Every once in awhile, someone changes their mind; not because I tell them to, but because they choose to.

While I am thankful for all I have and can do, on those rare occasions I feel like I have been given the greatest gift. It is a gift to me to give of myself, when one person in a thousand turns away from negativity, wakes up, then happily begins to see the world all over again for the first time; I know the world has just gotten a little bit better.