June 28, 2010

The time has come shake hands and work together.

The time in history for Christian Faith and Science to stop the petty arguing is close at hand. My opinion is it is long overdue. I believe in our creator and am thankful for the gift of life everyday. There are no enemies of god, only enemies of freedom and humankind's evolution, both spiritual and biological. . The wonderful truth Science and Faith refuse to see is that they are a team. There goals do not attack each other, they exalt and enhance each other.
Science has never killed the creator nor is it possible for it to do so. The Christian faith has been horribly afraid and hurtful towards defending the stories and history s of our past. Faith needs to embrace its teammate in science and help balance and give spiritual validity to progress. People need guidance and this battle is like two parents arguing over who will raise the child. Without supervision and guidance the child will grow up as imbalanced as the parents. Or worse, burn the house down while they argue.

June 13, 2010

Craigs List Personals: #1 Place to find a pyscho girlfriend.

I have during the last 2 years put up 2 postings on craigs list. The first over a year ago received no response's.
But the one I responded to immediately got back to me. This one was in platonic only, and after chatting briefly we agreed to have a drink. All I really wanted was a night of conversation and to take a lady out like a gentleman and buy her a drink.  I informed this woman I would be there in approx 45 minutes. While taking my shower and cleaning up my phone was assaulted by messages. I did say 45 minutes, but in less than 20 minutes she had left 4 messages and multiple text messages. The messages started with "Are you on you way yet? and ended with screaming voice messages claiming I was massive drug addict and should go fuck myself."  I texted her once and thanked her for going crazy prior to my arrival and to have a nice life.

WTF! Yeah so I said no more C.L.
  So yeah we often say never again, and we often return to those never again's. This time the posting I made was more of a abstract sarcastic statement of realities involving the whole personals section and the way people market themselves.  I received many responses, some creepy, some very nice and genuine if not compatible. Even made a new friend.

But yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of sanity I will fear no psycho's, for my will is strong and my tolerance for hypocrisy is non existent.

Below is a correspondence that took place this evening that once again make me pledge no more craigslist

Like all nutty correspondence from women I have received our dialogue was pleasant and open ,to begin with.
email sent from Kitty

Saw your post and it caught my eye. I'm 5'11", live in the Dublin area, have freckles, tattoos, kinda look a bit like Abby from NCIS with Betty Paige bangs, a 1962 Caddy and a strong allergy to games, bullcrap, and drama.
 Anyway  -you seem pretty cute and I'd love to hear from you.
(This message was followed by a friend and chat request on facebook.)

well hello

Kathy Ann
so when do you graduate?

I think 2013

Kathy Ann
that sounds like a pain in the ass

No its fascinating and wonderful!

Kathy Ann

I enjoy the hell out of school

Kathy Ann
i like working, i hate school

I  worked my younger life away and didnt go to school. I worked and put my ex wife through school instead.

Kathy Ann
i worked my ass off while going to college and my ex husband destroyed me
i dropped out of school for awhile

The only good thing about putting her through college was I studied and sat in on most the classes which has a decade later made my first year a breeze

Kathy Ann
then busted through a 2 year bachelor program in 1 year


Kathy Ann
so now i am broke

Yeah I am taking like 15 units a semester

Kathy Ann
and i hate it


Kathy Ann
i did 28 last semester

holy shit

Kathy Ann

my brain would pop

Kathy Ann(titus: here I just want to point out that she spells done twice, thats so weird to me.)
I want it d.o.n.e done
so if you just go to schoool how do you pay for living and such?

Well since my schooling and living expenses are 100% covered by my benefits I am in no hurrys.

Kathy Ann
lucky you
im scraping change together to eat

Yeah all I had to do was go to war and get hurt. Then be disabled for the rest of my life for it.;)

Kathy Ann
i lost my job when i got cancer
i tried to enlist last summer but they wont take me

(At this point I couldnt take it anymore.She was actually starting to depress me, and i am having a pretty damn good day.)
is there any joy in your life?

Kathy Ann
not much
my cadillac starts sometimes


Kathy Ann
i get tattoos from my boss

Me(of course I am browsing her FB profile at this point)
your relationship status is complicated?
I never get it when people select that.
why is your complicated?

Kathy Ann
i'm not 100% single,but I'm not 100% taken
honest answer

uh huh, so you contacted me saying you are allergic to games, hate drama and bull crap, but so far you have told me all your problems and how much things suck and that you are semi involved with someone?
Just saying, seems like your engaging in the exact behaviors you claim to not want in your life.
Kathy Ann
well - ok for judging me

I really hope your life goes better, but there's nothing I can do to help. Thank you and have a good night. (send as a message)
Your chat message wasn't sent because Kathy Ann is offline.

I would like to thank Kathy Ann for removing from her friends list and not contacting me or spamming my  mailbox . I hope she will find happiness in her life. You cant look for it in someone else's.
Now I may seem cruel to some and if I do, well tough. Being nice to someone and allowing a vortex of issues into your life is emotional suicide.
I am not pulling the trigger on myself . If I do date someone who is a psycho, she will be of the highest quality crazy available and will fool everyone into believing she is sane.

 Now that's my kind of lady.

June 06, 2010

Our American News Media

Man our media is fucked up. Most of our news and public media attacks Obama or paints him as unaware of shit going on. You should check the foreign  news feeds around the world. You would find a completely different viewpoint from the global media which is not under American control. I saw a interview with Obama just yesterday on BBC that would show you a side of him you have not seen very much of. The sincere angry and determined president of this country. No fake statements of sugar coated crowd pleasing statements. Just one pissed of world leader trying to make a difference. A leader who is attacked not by the world at large like our previous president. But attacked by his own nations spin doctors. 
Unlike the past where our media was sugar coating the invasion of a ... sovereign  nation as if it was ok. Now our media is attacking the person trying to fix the damage.

Its complete obfuscation to say ": Pictures they didnt want us to show you. " They? who the fuck is they? The guy who's property you found the dead stuff on? Your landlady? That guy who sells hotdogs?
No we know they want you to come to the conclusion that its a cover up. Isnt it odd that there were no cover ups going on when our president and his family blew up the WTC? But now while our current president has 21 thousand people on sight working to fix the issue and just ordered the national guard fleet in as well with another 17 thousand specifically for cleanup and containment, he is reported as being clueless as to the urgency.
Seriously If you read this do yourself a favor and get your news from other global media sources not directly connected or controlled by our country.  Your primary source of news for the actions and activities of our governement should primarily come from 
Office of the press seceretary. 
That is where even our own headline news gets thier facts to start with. Then they twist and spin them into gross manipulations of the facts reported.

Rueturs Is a great place to start. They are British and Canadian owned and have been the main source of straight news for a very long time. Their articles are dry as toast. But that is a good thing. Speculations about issues are even happily labeled as, "speculation", not facts.