March 31, 2011

Altered Egos #1

The first of a series I hope to continue. For now it is an idea I dont want to forget, but not a defined series.

March 08, 2011

A quick statement on religous truth.

In the words of the great "Tiffany"  "Heaven is a place on earth".  Don't waste your life promises of wealth after death. We were all given the greatest gift there is to be had and it is our duty to ourselves and creation to make this world the best we can.
Heaven, Hell and Purgatory , all metaphors for what we create in this world for ourselves. If you want to combat evil in this world than start loving yourselves and all life and peoples equally. Stop attacking your fellow humans with your own personal ideals as if you had the right.

Science is not the enemy of creation, it is the study of it. It honors the immense complexity and artistry of the universe. Scientists will and do agree with this. Atheists would rather use science as a weapon or philosophical tool. The only tools I see are the ones who think they can prove themselves right and others wrong for no good reason. If you think yourself so brilliant because of science why is it you all seem to have forgotten one of the basic tenants of scientific reasoning? Constants are rarely ever constant. Science is always growing and discovering more information. It is not truth it is fact and facts often change in the context of new information.  Therefore you may end up being the biggest fools in history for denying the existence of creation when you have no way or even a reason to do so.

  Maybe if you refocused your intellect on something positive that helps the world or teaches wonder and joy. You yourselves would find the joy you deny exists.

I feel sorry for atheists almost as much as I feel sorry for Christians. Both of you acting as if you know the truth, but lying to yourselves.

  Please grow up. Its time to evolve again.

Brazil has misunderstood why we love there asses.

This completely killed a healthy jerk session before the poor thing every had time to grow up and life.

Oh well, I geuss its back to work. My fantasy's of beautiful golden Brazillian beach bootie princesses has been damaged to the very core.