May 28, 2010

Philosophy and us.


    I finally get to write this final exam essay, hence finishing the last of my finite days in philosophy. That is about the limit of finalities I can include in an opening sentence.
As I reflect upon this I see myself not looking at the reflection that is typing this. Instead of pondering his thoughts I shall instead ponder the meanings and ramifications of other peoples, who thought. For what easier thing could there be than to know the thoughts of a dead man. Maybe the only thing easier is the math of our natural world and how all things are bound and defined by its pure logic. Descartes’, a man of such paranoid skepticism that he considered briefly the idea of evil demons making a false world about him like most if not all great thinkers, was maddeningly sane. He conceived the idea of math, to absolutely define the answer of god’s existence, as true. The tool of science, being math as the language of the natural world and why he, the skiddish and often fearful genius Descartes’ was smart enough to count to 5.
All kidding aside this is an amazing turning point for thought. The fact that it simultaneously proves and disproves itself as equally true and not equally false is spectacular. While skeptical thought generally leaves a loop whole for escape, this does not. The only loop whole in the consideration of this figure of 2+3= life the universe and everything is good and true and god rocks, is doubt. Which is also the only thing that the believers in Christian polytheism can not have. So if they doubt the natural science of math they also doubt the existence of the creator that made the world that fits within the numbers they were given. Henceforth proving that science and god are one in the same thing. I find it mind bottling to consider a time when humans would kill one another under the flag of a loving deity of peace and forgiveness, for discovering or unveiling the wonders of this world and our universe. Especially with the argument that they are heretical godslayers, and blasphemers for doing so.
I do understand why though, I just don’t like it. Science is not controlled by anyone but the creation entity. Church is a system of control that has no hold on its creator in a real sense. They only control the idea of a creator, who they humbly serve and directs them to make the world be as they say it is.
If people not in the control of this regime give freely the information of the universe how can the creator exist as they described? Why is it that what we were told is different from what we can see? We are starting to see what it is. To know without asking what those who would control us through our hearts don’t know at all. I wont tell you what it is. You already know, or you haven’t allowed yourself to know. Telling you would be meaningless. I could very easily list in one sentence the essence of life and understanding. But these are just words. You will , or will not know without being told. I joyful for those who have read this and smiled with recognition. I am excited for those that will find it at some other point. They will chuckle and think of this. The rest will say I am a fool, or obfuscating to create a sense of mysterious knowledge I cannot possibly back up. It will change nothing. So I wont go on about control scenarios, and we know how this turned out, from the church’s murdering fear, and controlling of the people and slavery of the minds of men and the bodies of women. We know the start of the story, the end is unknown, partially.
It is still going on at this very moment. As soon as the people are sleeping and lose their will to think and learn and see justice and honor as positive things worth dying to keep safe. When vigilance has been lost the beast may very well rescue them from the doom of knowledge and lead them happily into the darkness to resume its designs.

I encountered this just yesterday.
One of my many adventures led me through the world of military psychological warfare training, as well as the execution of its methods in Iraq and at home. While they use many tools not related to this paper I will say, It works. We have and will again cause people to think and do as we see fit by controlling their input of data to the world. My main focus will be the idea of truth and misinformation as a form of mind control. Wittgenstein’s ideas on language and how it is received and processed from sender to receiver shows clearly, that while we can decide to say something and another will hear the words. The meaning of those words can become a flexible puzzle of subtext and guided thought. So a question may in fact become a command in its own subtle way, “Could you find a piece of paper?” I am sure I could. But when asked of another, the receiver, in most cases will produce the piece of paper and hand it to the person. If the receiver is unwilling to answer, or produce paper. They may just tell the other, “No, I do not have any.” The question has still remained unanswered. While the action has demonstrated the answer, it was not what was asked and hence not the right answer in and of itself. Here in lies manipulation through language by passive coercion.
Now as to misinformation. This is the key to successful mind control. A friend had posted a one sided polling comment of political nature and asked the question. “ Do you agree that it is ok that Obama is skipping the memorial day ceremony to go on vacation in Chicago? Yes/No “ My first response to a dear old friend of mine being. “ How could I or anyone else make a decision like that ,when no real information has been given? I only see a comment with no facts that is designed to make you either agree that Obama is a bad leader for doing what you say he is. Or we are bad people for thinking it is ok for him to be a bad leader.” I Continued to the effect that if they waited one moment I would check his itinerary so we could look at this closer before committing ourselves to what most likely was a manipulation of fact, and henceforth untrue. They made jokes “Your people gonna call his people?” I said “no I will just check with his secretary. “ More chuckles. Long story short the source of all media and news regarding any and all actions of the administration are only given out as “official” by the office of the press secretary.

Since 1966 this information has been free for immediate release to the public as well as the press media, at the same time. The information is given to the public by strict format of facts as much as can be without any use of opinion about the actions being made. The actions that are intended as well as the subsequent results of those actions are available to all citizens of this nation including declassified actions of a top secret nature. When and where the VP and CIC are, or will be going and what they are intending to do.
I was laughed at and called a fool. One person, who acted as if they should pity the idiot asked if. I had never considered “ that I had been lied to? “This leads me back to my point.
Good old Wittgenstein made a incredibly long winded and circular chaotic statement in a shocking attempt to evolve the process of thought. The idea that for us to continue forward on any given subject or to communicate at all and understand what is said we must let go of skepticism to the degree the analytical thought process defines. That given no other factors to prove N is false, and it is consistent on all accounts with our understanding of the natural world, it then must be considered to not be Un-true.

We do not have to accept it as an absolute to believe in the truth of it. But we must have the truism there to stand on before any further ground can be made towards things more complicated than,”Am I here? ,Is this object, idea or statement real?” . It goes the same for my discussion of politics.
I made no new friends by pointing out that to assume a thing is untrue and then disseminate it to others is lying. If done in the hope of them also making negative judgments’ about another person it makes you the worst form of a liar. For using your friends trust against them and hence making liars out them as well. By your actions you create a world where even the people you love are lying, hurtful people that should not be listened to. Also, you are guilty and have caused those who put trust in you to be so as well. You have succeeded in violating your friends and family.
You have broken one of the very few clauses to the freedom of speech and assembly rules. That it is unlawful to by any means knowingly or willingly coerce a body of people towards aggression and displays of unrest. To disrupt the common peace with fraudulent information.
While this sounds great on paper it has more loop holes than the first ladies knitting project of old glory. But, they won’t know that. They won’t believe this letter if they see it, and wouldn’t believe it was true, Even if someone else told them it was. The believers will not have faith in the beliefs of those who are faithful to themselves and the world around them. So they will be lost in doubt and disbelief. But I am a merciful mortal, so I will jump from the merry go round of life and teach them the secret tribal dance of truth.
" You put your right thoughts in, you pull your right thoughts out,
Put your thoughts back in and ya shake em all about!
You do the Okey Dokey ( Both hands, BIG fisted THUMBS UP!) and you turn yourself about!
Thats what its all about!"

Believe it or not, this is totally not un-true.

Titus ONeill

May 27, 2010

Hating the hand that helps you.

The President, Barrack H. Obama,

I don't get it, what is it that people hate about him? Why run around spreading hate? T hats really what it is, because there's no facts to back it up, and that's just blind ignorant hatred.. Peopl dont feel the same compelling need to go around convincing others how good someone is just because some stranger  said they were great do you? Even someone close to you, just because you love and trust them doesnt mean that someone couldnt lie to them.

When people start repeating the lies of other people who is responsible for it? Its always the last person who said it, for not bothering to makes sure first. I always start with respect when considering another person, and I allow then for thier actions to strengthen or remove that trust. Yet even close friends of mine. People who for the most part had such open thinking minds would rather hate first and deny the facts of what a person does for the shelter of angry negativity and ignorance.

 Whats the deal?

 I read people like books.  Slowly and throroughly most people are more like pamphlets. My whole life I have been able to and have conciously honed and tested it against the real world for results. I scare myself how accurate I am more often than not. I  can practically predict a persons actions now. Yet I stear away from anything that seems like assumption or blind geuss work. People are complicated creatures sometimes and relying on a such a ability is a dangerous road to destruction. More  so it is just one of many tools I use.  Once I made a completely false judgment about someone. Alcohol and my dick were involved. You should never think with either and I never did again after that one mistake.It wasn't even a big mistake, but when it comes to trusting yourself to make accurate judgments about human beings, being wrong can be very bad.

I never trusted Obama because he was a black democrat. Those who know me know I was raised in the ghetto's of every ethnicity that resides in this country. I am registered Green Party. I worked for Nader, because I knew him first hand and had looked at the facts not the opinions about the man,Nader that is. It was hilarious to watch TV about him. The Media had done such a excellent job of making him look like some backwards moron who was so dull he couldn't speak. I can tell you first hand it was all media lies. That man was one of the greatest public speakers I had ever heard . Wow, he could stir a crowd. The Bush thing was beyond fucked. I volounteered at the head office in sacramento ca where I lived .As calls were coming in from Florida where our people were being thrown in jails without charge. Families of ethnic coloring being pulled over and detained and not being allowed to leave. Not until the polls closed at least. It was horrifying to watch happen. Our country was being stolen from us.Gore had called days before and begged Nader to release his voters and tell them to vote for him before it was to late. It was a bad move on naders part and arrogant of him in hindsight. He told Gore to release his votes to him.. We cheered at the time, We all knew Nader wouldn't get the house, but we just wanted to prove to the country that there are more than two choices. We never thought that just by being active positive goaled citizens trying to prove the system was fair we would be the lynch pin for a global disaster.

    Understand this isn't how it was reported to me or read from a recounting of it. I was there. The entire free thinking world turned on Nader after that, he has never been the same. He understands the damage he caused with his moment of arrogance. If he had told me to vote gore I would have. Because he was an honest good man.

I didn't trust Obama when he was running for president. I stopped trusting politicians long ago when daddy bush went into office and started the frame work to rape this country. I couldn't trust bill because even though he was a damn good president he wasn't man enough to tell the world it was none of their business and was between him and his wife. I hadn't voted since W hijacked the country and proved to me that democracy was dead. While  Obama was giving his speech the whole world changed. I could feel this immense joy coming from everywhere and realized it was the feeling of the people at that exact moment. All throughout my city. I didnt give a rats ass who the president was as long as it wasn't another dictator.

       When I watched his acceptance speech was the first time i had ever actively payed attention to him. I normally dont watch politicians speech's because to me its like having someone spit while they talk in front of you. Every gesture and tone and eyelid and the presence they project is offensive to me in general. I have met many great local politicians but they are what they are, local.

As I watched Obama I analyzed him like I never have another. Because the longer and harder I focused the more shocked I became. I realized that I actually believed him. Not his words or promises, because its really almost impossible to promise something that effects billions of people is going to work out in one way or another, that's just life and shit happens.  I mean I realized that I felt nothing false about this man. He was good. Truly a good person. I am still shocked and when people report nasty things about him. I investigate because it still boggles me that a truly good human that is making broad vast sweeping changes that will make us the country to look to once again as we move towards a global community, exists.
So I ask, why hate the man? Is it just to do so, because so many people believe in him. A form of mass political self hatred? Projected self esteem of a political party?
In many ways, I feel a tad sorry for the so called Conservi tive part. While hating bush was easy, because he consistantly stomped on this nations values and walked the planet like a mean rich kid who wants to break everyones toys. Thes actions could be easily verified and people just didnt care. The goverment had anesthtitized us with credit and TV and proven that you cant make a difference in every way they could.  
But now when faced with having to come up with reasons why the president is evil. The main haters out there proudly proclaim thier ignorance and total lack of any factual information as thier beacon of truth.
Seriously, check out
This is the Tea Party, the so called, new left. This isnt someone's site trying to make them look bad this is thier own site proclaiming thier knowledge. Showing everyone of us that are to stupid to see how Obama is evil.  How depressing to be a Conservitive politician and have to nod and smile when your supporters come out in the thousands and turn out to be clueless angry, and ignorant.
Even at there best as I can only guess those videos are they proudly stand there repeating words they dont understand until they forget the hate script.
Well, I can only pray to the universe and hope that our man lives out a long life with his family, and is not killed by some freak who thinks he is the living embodiment of the antichrist.
How sad to be killed by someone for a religous ideal no modern  or classic churches even think is real anymore.

May 25, 2010

The deathly boring hollows. Part 0.1

“David Yates’ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I” Is going into post. Yeah so what you say, I would have said the same thing if not for the disturbing existence of "Part 1" in the title.
They have got be kidding. If anything the book itself was unnecessarily drawn out. Now they want to make the standard 2.3 hours of Harry Potter into some sort of world record for gouging the attention span of the human race? It took me just over 6 hours to read the deathly hollows, and I read slow. Someone has lost their goddamn mind on this one. I would like to convey the sorrow I have to the poor editor, who will undeniably be the architect of this travesty.
. Who knows it may even be a shorter shoot since nothing happens in the deathly hollow till the end. The book was filled with unnecessary activities and insipid interactions . The most dreary and self martyring from Harry .Who drones on like a Emo teen suicide poster child for 3/4 of the book.

 So on a positive note, if whoever cuts this manages to pull off 2 films from what will most likely be the same footage they were going to use in the first place They should win an award. Possibly a presidential medal just for good measure and for serving the American and global community by making 5.2 hours of  wishing you could be doing your taxes again into a watchable and semi interesting finale to this epic film series.

May 24, 2010

Mash-up Culture The Global Unity Project

I am not a club person. The desire for a cold beer and feeling to lazy to drive to a bar, brushed my cynicism aside though.  I payed the cover charge and walked into Club "Bootie" for the first time in early 2006.

It literally changed my  life.

No where will you interact with such a  diverse group of human beings. From every ethnicity and culture. The Mash-Up scene is a model of American social interaction at its finest.  The  party's themselves are always friendly, humourous, energetic and sometimes naughty. Not to naughty, taste is a virtue that finds a strange home here. Everyone is  genuinely welcomed and accepted as a part of the collective. You have models and socialites, dancing with punk  rockers and gangstas, nerds and; well everyone.

In the world of nightclubs most people tend to expect violence of some sort to occur. Overbearing security with heavy handed polices tend to be the normal safety measure used. Not here though. We  have a no intolerance attitude, that inspires positive interaction. Since all are welcome, and no one could possibly have any reason to take umbrage since respect is the norm; well people leave the ass hats at home or those people just dont come. A negative attitude will quickly find the entire scene very annoying to them. But of course its annoying, no one is hating. Haters find little joy in this atmosphere.

   With all of the barriers clubs use today to protect people from themselves, it is no surprise that the more invasive a method is used to stop violence, the more violent situations tend to occur. Mashup culture has stopped the violence of clashing subcultures with an invitation to be unique with the rest of us.

If your going to come to Bootie, put some Zen on and wear your Thursday best on Saturday night.

With no rules against specific styles of clothing , the club is always the place to look around and see what people really are wearing today. Since every subculture is in attendance,  there is a lot to look at.                 
              While the chance for true love is always more real when your dancing without a care in the world, Bootie is not a meat market.  Ladys and Gentlemen should feel as safe alone as together.

           Bootie San Francisco has being voted  Best of " Nightclub"  for 4 years in a row. Unlike  other clubs the Mashup Scene has never raised its price of 5$ before 10pm and 10$ after. The owners and facilitators of this paradigm of burgeoning culture also make sure the drink prices are  at a reasonable club price. Much lower than any club or event of its size and attendance by far.         


We love our fans and we respect each other. This is not what people are used to.  The Planet would do well if such courtesy was reciprocated in kind to all people of the world.

    This is a model for human interaction. When we create,we respect each others creations.  The mashup, the video mashups, Abstract mashup poetry, Mixed martial arts. are just the start of a long list of creations made from the core of each others cultures.  We as a species can define a new historical identity as one people, no division of race country or belief exists. Those are the things that bring us together. The diversity is our strength.  Suddenly we find that all the thing that separated us are the glue that will helps us build something great.

    Mashup was the sole reason I dropped  a dead  end job and used my military education funds to become a professional  editor.  I am pretty positive about its effect on people.  I am also  biased, but if you came to see it in person you would agree with the bias. Slowly but surely the worlds subcultures are beginning to notice  the positive differences. More accurately the positive similarities. How our differences are not reasons to hate or distrust each other but  the exact opposite. With a little luck and some global communication we may just be able to  stop the human race from destroying itself with fear, by dancing!

So  technical stuff you should know. This culture is considered "illegal". Most of what we do is considered by record companies and media  producers as piracy. They really cant touch mashup culture at all  because we have a few rules that are core beliefs of our mission.

1.We  are not working to gain or solicit profit from the works of the artists  we use for our inspirations. We do not sell other peoples music that we  use, or our remastered versions of these works without explicit  permission from the artists.

2. Our Movement and creative  endeavors are tributary to the artists achievements and are a positive  statement to our fans about the worth of those artists body of work.  What isn't a tribute is a parody and as the marketing community knows,  "  There is no such thing as bad publicity."

Because we stand by  our beliefs with integrity and honor. We are  in fact,not pirates at all and are legally protected under Title 17 of the U.S.code .
The Fair Use Act of  2007

All "Mash-up" creations made by our Culture are free to  the public for download and distribution. A primary example is Bootie Productions Mashup Home Page

If someone is charging to sell mashups ,they are not one of us and  should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They are not  creating or inspiring anyone they are simply stealing from artists who  worked hard and deserve compensation for their accomplishments.

  The   artists who's works are heard on dance floors, on radios and on Computer screens  all over the world; now  in new and exciting arrangements, is in their honor.

Now  all I need is a awesome mashup of We are the world to put the cherry on  this baby!

A new age dawns for humanity. Biotech has officially begun.

The very first step of a new age in biotechnology
has finally been made. The potential for this science is only
limited by our vigilance in assuring it the total transparency of its
benefits and uses to all the people of the world. This is something all
of us as aware civilly responsible citizens can accomplish.

May 01, 2010

Popeye the thinking man.

A cold hard fact for people. :taken from a site for sermons.
A Sunday School teacher wanted to see if his students knew how to get to heaven:
"If I sold my house and my car, and gave all my money to the church, would that get me to heaven?" "No!" the children answered. "Well then," he said, "If I was kind to animals and helped people always?" Again they all shouted, "No!" "Well then," the teacher asked, "how can I get to heaven?" A boy stood up and instructed the teacher, "You gotta be dead!"

The child as usual, intuitively knows the nature things. The simple fact that there is nothing in life you can do that will assure a better afterlife. If you are unhappy, fix the problems that make you unhappy. Creation already gave us the best gift, life. If you are unhappy dont try and wish it away. Get up and work your ass off to make things different.

I used to wonder why people must believe that there is something better after this? I understand now. They are scared. Scared of the unknown. It is fear of the unknown that has always been the foundations of ignorance, and from that comes aggression and hate and violence. How selfish to take someones life from them because you do not understand yourself well enough to know the joy of life. Once you have truly tasted the energy field of our species you would never again wish harm on another who had done nothing to you.

When I, the being sitting here; typing this to no one and everyone die, its over. I and all that I have learned and done will become part of the psionic energy field that we as a species have created. The me will end. That is fine; thanks for the time smelling flowers, having sex, getting hurt, realizing truths and discovering lies. Playing video games and running in fog covered hills. For long motorcycle rides down lonely freeways by the ocean at 4 am. For everything, Thank you for this amazing experience.

That said, there is joy everywhere. Let go of hate and be well. Fall in love, with yourself. Not the selfish love they teach us in modern culture. But the kind of love you would give your child or your parent. You are just as deserving of it and the best person to supply it is yourself. No one, except your mother, can love you the way you can. When you accomplish this you will find others who love you to.

Love is a system of cascading energy fields that create event envelopes of positive energy flow. It is attracted to energy fields that resonate in the positive spectrum. A positive psionic energy field cannot exist within a negative field. If you have filled yourself with negatives you will not know love until you cleanse yourself of them. So get to work, enjoy the work, or just enjoy the fact that you are alive and capable of not enjoying whatever the hell you want.

These are just a few warm, soft facts.

Titus Prime