September 07, 2011

Energy for all mankind.

"The greatest wisdom is to absolutely know, you know nothing absolutely." ..Titus
It has been said in a variety of different combinations, languages and mediums of communication; yet the principal remains unchanged.

I have had many discussions with my brilliant friends who work in the fields of engineering. When discussing this topic they suddenly become close minded, and dismissive. I mist admit that I became discouraged and stopped discussing it, until now that is, and I will re-open the discussion here.  I am doing this because I understand myself, and therefore I understand others in a more open and selfless way. I understand fear and how people react to it, especially the fear of being wrong.

  So many of us hold dearly to the knowledge we have gained, and rightfully so because we have worked hard and many have suffered the causation of our search for knowledge, skills, careers and so forth. In the search for outside knowledge we are incredibly clever as a species. Like our home, family or our food we protect our knowledge as it makes the other 3 possible, to have another come along and say that all you know can be done better, cleaner, faster and require less to provide more is a dangerous and terrifying threat to the very core of who many people think they are.

  Fear is always what stops us, whether it be ours or belong to someone else. Fear is not a wrong thing, it is there to help us protect ourselves from danger, it is unfortunately that very aspect of fear that others who understand fear put to good use to control all who oppose their interests, or as I said before, home, family and food. The scale ranges from one person to entire populations of people and the basic principal remains unchanged.

June 10, 2011

To much talk about Weiners and Boehners in the news.

Its seems all anyone cares about really is the need for affection the wieners and boehners in Washington have. What about the Vags and the Yoni's being neglected by politics? Seriously though, what is up this country overly self righteous rear end? The constant political war being waged on peoples private lives is a smoke screen of hypocrisy that has clouded our ability to function as a society. Since when has anyone, anywhere, ever, shown as an example of their families perfect moral pedigree, a model of ethical superiority, unblemished to be admired and emulated? There never has or will be such a paragon of virtue in reality; at least I would consider in my lifetime it would be a safe bet against it..

Now, those who wish to accuse and attack others for the crimes they either have committed themselves or will commit run rampant blaming people for non criminal acts against a moral standard that is the polar opposite of natural human interaction and damages those interactions with false moral snot.. A set of often fluxuating moral law that has been used to assault the enemies of whoever it wishes to attack.  As we all have seen demonstrated by the most high ranking royalty of its perfect conservative rightouesness again and again. Since they are often the most hypocritical human being who have ever walked the earth. Case in point  (Reverend, Prof George Rekers :"Washington Post:A Christian leader, prominent neuro-psychiatrist and board member at the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) who co-founded the Family Research Council with evangelist James Dobson took a ten-day European vacation with a callboy he met through and was caught in an airport with the escort by a Miami newspaper." May 4th, 2010 -
This was about all that was ever reported on this though.   I would allude to how controlled our media sources are but I would be preaching to the choir of anyone who may come by this blog entry. The fact that for weeks all anyone can talk about is a man who jerked it in a chat room and resigned his elected post is so ,, lame!!   What about the man, Rekers, who has devoted his entire life to the total destruction of homosexual people. We are talking about humans are subjected to constant psychological manipulation attacks and medical reasearch in the name of christian virtue that has nothing to do with god. That man hired a boy to have sexual contact with him daily in a country where it is not illegal, just so he could come home and continue to destroy the self respect and spirits of human beings who , like himself, were made by god to be exactly what they are. No mistake was made at the creation of Rekers, only in his  life long campaign of self hatred  was there any mistake made.
None of this except for the Reverends purchasing sex from a young man, is illegal from our nations standpoint, and those things that are truly criminal are ignored or glossed over while you all keep yours glued on a Weiner and a Boehner.
If getting your jolly's off online was a crime against anyone other than your significant others dignity the internet would most likely still be nothing more than a digital library for government reference materials.

I think it is time for America to stop the one thing that is swiftly becoming a national stereotype, Hypocracy. We all need to stop the pointing, and look directly at the ones telling us to point at someone else.

April 07, 2011

The top 5 Best Mash-ups of 2010 (Chosen by the inner circle of Mash-up culture)

So as mash-up becomes more common and the world starts to take notice of us, so we then become the subject of the worlds critique. Well we have our own group of content creators and we have our own lists of who among us has done what we consider the finest of any one time period. None are better than the other, all are great and honestly the list would be 100's of songs and videos long if we didnt try and limit it in some fashion. (We make alot of cool shit.)

Here is the top 5 of 2010 as picked by those of us who actually work to make all of the great mash-ups.  My personal favorite is #5 By  The Reborn Identity: American Days Are Gone

#1 Mighty Mike: Black or Free

#2 DJ Lobsterdust Knock out Eilieen

#3 Bynar   Bynar - Reigning Knights of No Man's Land (Muse vs. UNKLE vs. Calvin Harris vs. Orbital) by Bynar
#4 LeedM101 :

#5 The Reborn Identity :   The Reborn Identity - American Days Are Over by RebornIdentity

April 03, 2011

Saving the World all by myself and Winning!

I really try and be extra understanding and openly considerate and friendly when I am out and about in the world.

   Well now I do. ;)

Most negative and jerky things people do started with a similar event. I bet that person had a bad experience shopping or some other irritating lack of respect and consideration from someone who's job it was to help.
  All it takes is one lazy, disrespectful service person. You know the type. The one who acts like your time means nothing and ignores you when you need assistance with an issue. Yet they continue to talk to a co-worker or walk away without ever acknowledging your issue and only briefly acknowledging your existence with a "Be right Back." that sounded like bullshit before it was even spoken..  Next thing you know you have all this hurt and anger that should not be there , is undeserved andhave no outlet for.

  I think this stuff tips everyone over the edge. Even me, or especially me, since this is something I am actively working to change and train people to do in a more constructive manner. Customer Service that is.  I think it needs another overhaul; a reworking of how it thinks about itself to help it do its task. To make it come from a core understanding of what that task is.. First , Customer Service  should be forgotten as a label explaining the positions identity.  Personal Care Attendants fits much better to what we should hope to recieve from this section of companies consumer responabilities.This would give employee's a label to identify not only there ethos but task as well..
This and the positive training of staff towards these goals will not only bring faith and prestige to the company's using them, they will also be helping to make the whole world a better place to live.

You think not? Well then hear me out.
(" OMG someone is 4 inches to close to my door and I am going to have to squeeze into mine! What an asshole! I should tell them that."  Writes a hostile and insulting statement accusing the stranger parked next to them of how stupid and incompetent they are.)

       You cannot erase hostility by being negative to someone else. This doesn't transfer the anger it just snips a viral piece of it off. Now it spreads to that person, who will carry it and either deal with it in a  positive manner or not. They may attempt the same negative approach; and just spread it ever outwards.  My Customer Service Representative training vision statement.  has changed much but the core is the same. I built it all on the goal of making the world a better place to live in.
  Which isnt really for training CSR but for training people. Training them to help themselves and the world by being attentive to each other as people. To stop the anger with consideration and attentive kindness. To stop treating people and their problems as an inconvenience. Especially if there existence has  slowed ours down and made us take notice of them.  Thats when the nasty notes and mysterious scratches on your car start and the fun stops.

 When I see someone having a rough time of it, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant the situation may seem to others, those are the moments I pay attention to. I  make eye contact and smile at the person and if there is something I can do to help them, I do it. In that moment of stress where our lives have crossed paths, even 20 seconds of kindness can change the whole spectrum of possibilites in the world around us.

Another fascinating and wonderful aspect of this is the same thing that makes being negative hurt more and more people makes being positive and kind remove or heal the negativity not only on the person involved with you, but all the others they come in contact with. A moment of understanding or  will change that person who had given up on anyone being nice or kind. They are hating themselves and others because of whatever has happened and you can make them feel like its ok, like they are ok. Smiling and saying " It happens to everyone have a nice day."  or letting someone pass when they are stuck in another lane, or letting them turn in front of you even though you technically could push them out so they are stuck on the side simply because its Your Turn. 

  If it is your turn than I say this. It is also your turn to decide if being  unkind and ignoring someone is worth the time you saved in your precious schedule. Are the other humans on this planet only worthy of your kindess if you know them? Or they are from your same town? At what point in our lives did we decide that the people in our world are not worth the time it would take to find our car keys and start the car? Will not allowing them to leave the road because you would have to slow down by 4 or 5 mph for 20 seconds cause your world serious damage?  More likley your momentary kindness could very well prevent a serious accident from occuring because thay person would rather try and swerve dangerously to exit the freeway then drive to the next exit. All the horrible hypothetical arguments are pointless and removed by just letting them pass. You will never know what didnt happen, but you will always know that you were the one who took the moment to make sure nothing did. At the very least you will never have to feel the guilt of being one of the factors that caused someone to make a bad decision worse and hurt themselves or others.
People in our American culture spend as much as 30 to 45 minutes a day and sometimes as much as 2 hours or more, complaining about, or to strangers. 

   It is each and every one of us that is the cause and the cure of all that bullshit.   Just imagine that your 20 or 30 seconds of kindness could erase up to 2 hours per person of negativity across the nation. We are not getting rid of it when we complain. We are just spreading it ever outwards. One day the giant blanket of negativity will cover us all as it grows vastly larger with every negative reaction to its negative impulse.

  It would take less than 5% of the time and energy used towards negative reactions to apply a positive solution for most small kindnesses the more complex and more terrible the issue the more energy must be spent to reverse it or alliviate it. Thats just the way it is though. If we are not willing to expend that energy for the people in our world, then we most certainly have no right to ever expect anything from the world. This effort towards being considerate will save you time, stress and fatigue. It will return many times the amount of energy spent on it. It isnt something that happens to other people. It happens every day in many small ways, to us all. It will happen to you, eventually, if it hasn't already.

So yes, being kind is in your own selfish best interest.  Also the bullshit that is everywhere in the world that you dont like; It will never stop if you dont stop it. No one but you can stop it.  It is a solo task that we all simultaneously must do alone and yet share its benefits with all the world. For that is what we are, we are one people, all of us alone but together.

So when you see someone has gotten theselves in a bad spot, or they  are  just looking stressed from all the impatience and annoyance the world has heaped on them that doesnt have anything to do with them at all.  One smile and a wave of your hand, less than a full minute of your busy life and we can heal the damage done to that person by this daisy chain of negativity. If you break the chain you have helped every single person who they may have encountered and flung that anger at.    Its not  hippy crap, it's social science and the reality can only be proved by doing it.  You can start healing the entire worlds pain and anger with a moment of concideration and a smile.

So while many skeptics will disagree, instead of disagreeing with something you don't believe in or that you are sure wont work. Try it yourself. I ahve found that 80%  of all skeptics will refuse to try what they are sure will not work. Their reasoning is based on nothing other than the need to disagree with things.

   Anyways, I don't want anyone to take my word that this is true! I want everyone to prove to themselves that they can make the world better by not wasting their energy on negative reactions. If you find this is working, go the extra step and try being nice to strangers just because you can.

 If it turns out I was wrong, feel free to come back here and flame me with all the bullshit the world has heaped on you for trying to be kind. You dont have to be a close friend or even an online chat pal.  All are welcome, I can handle your anger.  I will put it in the pile with the rest of the anger that is left here. Then it wont hurt anyone else. :)

March 31, 2011

Altered Egos #1

The first of a series I hope to continue. For now it is an idea I dont want to forget, but not a defined series.

March 08, 2011

A quick statement on religous truth.

In the words of the great "Tiffany"  "Heaven is a place on earth".  Don't waste your life promises of wealth after death. We were all given the greatest gift there is to be had and it is our duty to ourselves and creation to make this world the best we can.
Heaven, Hell and Purgatory , all metaphors for what we create in this world for ourselves. If you want to combat evil in this world than start loving yourselves and all life and peoples equally. Stop attacking your fellow humans with your own personal ideals as if you had the right.

Science is not the enemy of creation, it is the study of it. It honors the immense complexity and artistry of the universe. Scientists will and do agree with this. Atheists would rather use science as a weapon or philosophical tool. The only tools I see are the ones who think they can prove themselves right and others wrong for no good reason. If you think yourself so brilliant because of science why is it you all seem to have forgotten one of the basic tenants of scientific reasoning? Constants are rarely ever constant. Science is always growing and discovering more information. It is not truth it is fact and facts often change in the context of new information.  Therefore you may end up being the biggest fools in history for denying the existence of creation when you have no way or even a reason to do so.

  Maybe if you refocused your intellect on something positive that helps the world or teaches wonder and joy. You yourselves would find the joy you deny exists.

I feel sorry for atheists almost as much as I feel sorry for Christians. Both of you acting as if you know the truth, but lying to yourselves.

  Please grow up. Its time to evolve again.

Brazil has misunderstood why we love there asses.

This completely killed a healthy jerk session before the poor thing every had time to grow up and life.

Oh well, I geuss its back to work. My fantasy's of beautiful golden Brazillian beach bootie princesses has been damaged to the very core.