November 23, 2014

The Pioneers of online multiplayer RPG, still live.

I am in a happy and nostalgic state of shock. The very first online world I ever experienced, Fiery MUD still exists!!
I do not even remember exactly how I got to the site, but there it is in all its glory. One of the first hardcore , multiplayer online RPG worlds. Created by the users of all original content. It filled me with such fond remembrance to see the names of those who I played with and worked beside creating new content.
It has been 19 years since I logged off that telnet server. I never thought once in my life since that it would still be there, or that it would be 3 times as big as it was in 1994.
While only a small handful of players are still using it, it is still being used. Somewhere, in a computer science lab in this country, one man is still watching over that server and making sure that its doors are still open for wandering adventurers.

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