June 28, 2010

The time has come shake hands and work together.

The time in history for Christian Faith and Science to stop the petty arguing is close at hand. My opinion is it is long overdue. I believe in our creator and am thankful for the gift of life everyday. There are no enemies of god, only enemies of freedom and humankind's evolution, both spiritual and biological. . The wonderful truth Science and Faith refuse to see is that they are a team. There goals do not attack each other, they exalt and enhance each other.
Science has never killed the creator nor is it possible for it to do so. The Christian faith has been horribly afraid and hurtful towards defending the stories and history s of our past. Faith needs to embrace its teammate in science and help balance and give spiritual validity to progress. People need guidance and this battle is like two parents arguing over who will raise the child. Without supervision and guidance the child will grow up as imbalanced as the parents. Or worse, burn the house down while they argue.

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