July 12, 2010

A serious issue of global survival.

In the wake of the resent oil spill disaster a thought popped into my head. What is oil for? Not what is it for to the human race, oil is fuel, power, money, warmth and survival both financially and elementally to our species. We have learned in the past 60 years how truly interwoven our ecosystem is. Everything is where it is for a reason that has nothing to do with human race's need to power cars, homes and economy. So if every naturally occurring system on this planet is connected, what then would be the result and what is the intended function and process of connection to the ecosystem of underground crude oil deposits? Here we have these massive caverns some spanning many miles. They generally have walls of coal so dense as to almost be diamond in strength to stand the pressure and heat of the billions of gallons of boiling hot oil. This oil its self being stabilized by flammable gasses under pressure and then salt water above that creating this liquid pressure pillow underground.

At first I thought I would look up the national geological information and find the answer of why oil is there easily. I became worried quickly as two hours of research had provided me with nothing but an extensive amount of data on crude oil production, future of the petroleum and natural gas industries. Not one research project, nothing, this was a question un asked by modern man?

It seems ridiculous to me, a person with no background in the field of geology could possibly see such a serious and possibly disastrous connection. Certainly this must be common knowledge to the people draining these massive spaces and leaving them empty or filled with water.

Then amidst even more research, for I was sure I was over reacting I found this "CO2 Reduction Partnership"

What this is all about turned my concern into a actual fear for the planet itself.
On the surface this seems like a fantastic and wonderful idea to lower carbon dioxide by taking raw CO2 being emitted from static sources and pumping it into these massive spaces left behind by the removal of crude oil. These "Storage Area's" as they call them would be able to store the excess CO2 produced by humans for up to 600 years and could seriously help save our asses in the short run. 600 years is a short run species wise.

Then it all slapped together.

1.We dont seem to think oil is in the ground for any other reason than to fuel our society.

2. Oil is kept in a non oxygen pressurized area at above boiling temperatures.

3. Empty or water filled holes spanning many miles underground closer to our molten hot magnetic core of our planet.

4. These holes then being filled with a naturally "COLD" heavy gas.

WTF You want to pump coolant into the earths crust in caverns meant to hold molten temperatures with a coolant!?!? While this doesn't seem like a issue to the people doing this I see 1 massive problem.While no one seems to have considered the impact of making these caverns in the first place, then turning around and filling them with billions of LBS of pressurized CO2 gas could possible change the magnetic property's of the planets core. Which is in a constant molten and moving state. This much coolant below seabeds would change the over surface temperature of the planet over time as well as I see it.

I may be wrong, but I dont see anyone else thinking about it. If you know anyone in the national geological association or a professional geologist, ask them and refer them to this blog.

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