August 19, 2010

To my Republican alligned friends.

 I am a by partisan when it comes to my politics. I choose what is best and never choose just because one party is US and the other Them. WE are all us and them. WE are the people.  In a recent attempt to find out if the republican party's policies or true activity's were of any merit to me as a citizen. ( I never assume negative things about anyone.) I went to the main GOP website.
Wishing to know more about the incumbent presidential candidate. This page Clark Griswold Presidential Report  I thought would be what it said it was. But lke all the pages on the GOP website. All there was was spin doctored reports of what Obama is doing and not any data or real information about the republican candidate.
  Sadly the main GOP website was only as illuminating as standing in a darkened room with man giving a double talk lecture on the activities of the opposing party and president . While his flash light beam points out small items out of context to cause tension and doubt without proof or reality. Also while they have a comment are and openly ask for the opinions of the people. All posts made return as blank and no comments exist.  TO all my republican aligned friends.  Please wake up. You are being taken for a ride and they are not honorable, good or in any way an allegiance you should be proud of.

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