August 18, 2010

It is time to wake up!

         I am almost in tears of joy to see this come from our mainstream media. Like so many of us, I had to shut my eyes or go mad watching Bush rape the planet and sellout our country like a spoiled tantrum throwing man child. After a few years I admittedly lost hope that honor could ever be restored to my homeland. Hope, being what it is, was never lost. The most powerful and dangerous of all the spirits of pandora's box is alive and pissed off. It's time to be pissed again! To stop being slaves to our creature comforts and easy living. Even the hardest of times in this nation are a shining example of wealth and prosperity to billions, of people globally. The world is in pain and  much of it is "OUR" fault!  It is our destiny, as a nation and a people, to help where needed. To bust in with a tank where we are not wanted.  Because our neighbor has let a madman loose in the armory and doesnt know how or is to genuinley peaceful by nature to stop it.

But we took care of the madman for this generation 7 years ago!? Then we committed a grave crime. We let a madman take control. We set him loose on the world, and to this day he is still quoted in mocking tones the disrespect he has for his nation of fools.   

Short History Lesson
  The 1950's are OVER! America very well may have been  founded and funded by  rich white christian males. But it was built by all the people of the nations of the world. In all of mother natures earthly tones they came and did all our shit work for us. They built the citys and roads and everything that makes society possible.  The ancestors who fled persicution for their beliefs were the self styled ruling class . ALl the rest of us were just non offensive peasantry.

  But guess what? Its our's now!! We are taking over using the rule system they so misguidingly created for the purpose of not stabbing each other in the back.  For have no doubt that is why the first Secular nation was created as such. While our left wing liberals have their heads in the clouds with pictures of brlliant humanitarian solcial scientists forging a document of such brlliant decisive change for the good of all mankind. It was not  these spiritually profound and selfless goals that guided those men.   It was paranoia. Calling the pilgrims settlers is our way of honoring them for the incredible task and journeys they made.  Thier all or nothing life or death journey to escape monarchy steadfast ruling which did not like the radical and loud religous groups they represented. They were outcasts. Intolerable religous zealots whose lifestyles were so abbrassive and incompatable with society that they were informed they would be the first ones to go. For no on believed they would survive the journey.

   So next thing you know, they make it. But not just one group but 3 diametricly opposed social groups all christian, yet all so different they cannot stand each other.  When forming a govenrment it had to be made into policy that no one religous group would come to power over the military. They all knew what they would do to each other if they were given the power and means. They would wipe the other out in gods name. The same god, but hey whatever.

Under this reasoning the scared angry twisted little religous sects no one wanted created the single most succesful model for rational sane society in the world. It was swiftly adopted around the globe and with far greater success that its motherland.  To this day, the birthlace of secular society has the worst history and track record, when it comes to the insanity of religous lawmakers placing their morals justifications of the wills of free men and women.  This of course does not include those nations who are openly merged with their dominant relgious following.

  So if your probably saying, so what? Or, yeah I knew all that stuff. Well aren't you hot shit. I didnt know all this stuff until the last few years, and I had to dig pretty damn deep to find out how it all connected.  It makes a difference to know the why and how, not to just know something vague about it, but to understand it. I am 100% sure that not everyone I know, and those people are some of the finest thinkers and greatest lovers of life on this planet, will have known all of this.

  So like a great teacher once told me,, "
You can teach them nothing they do not want to know, but never stop. You are not speaking to the ones who are not listening. It is only their selfish nature that makes them think this is so.  You are always speaking for those who hear you. The people who hear what is already inside themselves, but could not hear it's voice until they heard its echo.  Now hand me that rachet."  J. Krishnamurti,, Ojai Ca, 1980

So if you feel like arguing, or fighting me for speaking out, your not speaking to me. Your talking to yourself, because you cannot convince me that ignorance and negativity has anything to do with the heart of love that is the spirit of life in this universe. Also to those who freely wave a book and spew  lies and hate about is the name of our creator, whatever you call the being.  Trying reading the book, the original version, for even that version was a collection handed down from oral tradition from an age that even then was fading into memory.

 There is nothing said by the great teachers that involves the hatred, of anything. So please stop making fools of yourself. Your making the rest of us who belive in a god look bad with your mindless ignorance. Also you know nothing of suffering, unless you placed that suffering upon yourself.

I dont think I know a single american living today who has gone more than 1 full day without food in any given year who wasnt fasting or seriously ill or because they put themselves into a stupid situation. I am the only person I have ever met who as a child had to steal coal from the rich neighborhood so my family did not freeze to death in the winter. Thats actually a very fond memory for me. I felt immense pride when my parent and sibling showered me with adoration for taking care of them, when they could not. I was 8 yrs old.    I am done for now, but all this needed to come out.  Please let out your feelings about what is wrong with the world, or how to fix it. For now I will speak and educate and listen to my fellow human beings for we are all each others greatest teachers.

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