June 10, 2011

To much talk about Weiners and Boehners in the news.

Its seems all anyone cares about really is the need for affection the wieners and boehners in Washington have. What about the Vags and the Yoni's being neglected by politics? Seriously though, what is up this country overly self righteous rear end? The constant political war being waged on peoples private lives is a smoke screen of hypocrisy that has clouded our ability to function as a society. Since when has anyone, anywhere, ever, shown as an example of their families perfect moral pedigree, a model of ethical superiority, unblemished to be admired and emulated? There never has or will be such a paragon of virtue in reality; at least I would consider in my lifetime it would be a safe bet against it..

Now, those who wish to accuse and attack others for the crimes they either have committed themselves or will commit run rampant blaming people for non criminal acts against a moral standard that is the polar opposite of natural human interaction and damages those interactions with false moral snot.. A set of often fluxuating moral law that has been used to assault the enemies of whoever it wishes to attack.  As we all have seen demonstrated by the most high ranking royalty of its perfect conservative rightouesness again and again. Since they are often the most hypocritical human being who have ever walked the earth. Case in point  (Reverend, Prof George Rekers :"Washington Post:A Christian leader, prominent neuro-psychiatrist and board member at the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) who co-founded the Family Research Council with evangelist James Dobson took a ten-day European vacation with a callboy he met through RentBoy.com and was caught in an airport with the escort by a Miami newspaper." May 4th, 2010 -
This was about all that was ever reported on this though.   I would allude to how controlled our media sources are but I would be preaching to the choir of anyone who may come by this blog entry. The fact that for weeks all anyone can talk about is a man who jerked it in a chat room and resigned his elected post is so ,, lame!!   What about the man, Rekers, who has devoted his entire life to the total destruction of homosexual people. We are talking about humans are subjected to constant psychological manipulation attacks and medical reasearch in the name of christian virtue that has nothing to do with god. That man hired a boy to have sexual contact with him daily in a country where it is not illegal, just so he could come home and continue to destroy the self respect and spirits of human beings who , like himself, were made by god to be exactly what they are. No mistake was made at the creation of Rekers, only in his  life long campaign of self hatred  was there any mistake made.
None of this except for the Reverends purchasing sex from a young man, is illegal from our nations standpoint, and those things that are truly criminal are ignored or glossed over while you all keep yours glued on a Weiner and a Boehner.
If getting your jolly's off online was a crime against anyone other than your significant others dignity the internet would most likely still be nothing more than a digital library for government reference materials.

I think it is time for America to stop the one thing that is swiftly becoming a national stereotype, Hypocracy. We all need to stop the pointing, and look directly at the ones telling us to point at someone else.

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