May 24, 2010

Mash-up Culture The Global Unity Project

I am not a club person. The desire for a cold beer and feeling to lazy to drive to a bar, brushed my cynicism aside though.  I payed the cover charge and walked into Club "Bootie" for the first time in early 2006.

It literally changed my  life.

No where will you interact with such a  diverse group of human beings. From every ethnicity and culture. The Mash-Up scene is a model of American social interaction at its finest.  The  party's themselves are always friendly, humourous, energetic and sometimes naughty. Not to naughty, taste is a virtue that finds a strange home here. Everyone is  genuinely welcomed and accepted as a part of the collective. You have models and socialites, dancing with punk  rockers and gangstas, nerds and; well everyone.

In the world of nightclubs most people tend to expect violence of some sort to occur. Overbearing security with heavy handed polices tend to be the normal safety measure used. Not here though. We  have a no intolerance attitude, that inspires positive interaction. Since all are welcome, and no one could possibly have any reason to take umbrage since respect is the norm; well people leave the ass hats at home or those people just dont come. A negative attitude will quickly find the entire scene very annoying to them. But of course its annoying, no one is hating. Haters find little joy in this atmosphere.

   With all of the barriers clubs use today to protect people from themselves, it is no surprise that the more invasive a method is used to stop violence, the more violent situations tend to occur. Mashup culture has stopped the violence of clashing subcultures with an invitation to be unique with the rest of us.

If your going to come to Bootie, put some Zen on and wear your Thursday best on Saturday night.

With no rules against specific styles of clothing , the club is always the place to look around and see what people really are wearing today. Since every subculture is in attendance,  there is a lot to look at.                 
              While the chance for true love is always more real when your dancing without a care in the world, Bootie is not a meat market.  Ladys and Gentlemen should feel as safe alone as together.

           Bootie San Francisco has being voted  Best of " Nightclub"  for 4 years in a row. Unlike  other clubs the Mashup Scene has never raised its price of 5$ before 10pm and 10$ after. The owners and facilitators of this paradigm of burgeoning culture also make sure the drink prices are  at a reasonable club price. Much lower than any club or event of its size and attendance by far.         


We love our fans and we respect each other. This is not what people are used to.  The Planet would do well if such courtesy was reciprocated in kind to all people of the world.

    This is a model for human interaction. When we create,we respect each others creations.  The mashup, the video mashups, Abstract mashup poetry, Mixed martial arts. are just the start of a long list of creations made from the core of each others cultures.  We as a species can define a new historical identity as one people, no division of race country or belief exists. Those are the things that bring us together. The diversity is our strength.  Suddenly we find that all the thing that separated us are the glue that will helps us build something great.

    Mashup was the sole reason I dropped  a dead  end job and used my military education funds to become a professional  editor.  I am pretty positive about its effect on people.  I am also  biased, but if you came to see it in person you would agree with the bias. Slowly but surely the worlds subcultures are beginning to notice  the positive differences. More accurately the positive similarities. How our differences are not reasons to hate or distrust each other but  the exact opposite. With a little luck and some global communication we may just be able to  stop the human race from destroying itself with fear, by dancing!

So  technical stuff you should know. This culture is considered "illegal". Most of what we do is considered by record companies and media  producers as piracy. They really cant touch mashup culture at all  because we have a few rules that are core beliefs of our mission.

1.We  are not working to gain or solicit profit from the works of the artists  we use for our inspirations. We do not sell other peoples music that we  use, or our remastered versions of these works without explicit  permission from the artists.

2. Our Movement and creative  endeavors are tributary to the artists achievements and are a positive  statement to our fans about the worth of those artists body of work.  What isn't a tribute is a parody and as the marketing community knows,  "  There is no such thing as bad publicity."

Because we stand by  our beliefs with integrity and honor. We are  in fact,not pirates at all and are legally protected under Title 17 of the U.S.code .
The Fair Use Act of  2007

All "Mash-up" creations made by our Culture are free to  the public for download and distribution. A primary example is Bootie Productions Mashup Home Page

If someone is charging to sell mashups ,they are not one of us and  should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They are not  creating or inspiring anyone they are simply stealing from artists who  worked hard and deserve compensation for their accomplishments.

  The   artists who's works are heard on dance floors, on radios and on Computer screens  all over the world; now  in new and exciting arrangements, is in their honor.

Now  all I need is a awesome mashup of We are the world to put the cherry on  this baby!

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