September 07, 2011

Energy for all mankind.

"The greatest wisdom is to absolutely know, you know nothing absolutely." ..Titus
It has been said in a variety of different combinations, languages and mediums of communication; yet the principal remains unchanged.

I have had many discussions with my brilliant friends who work in the fields of engineering. When discussing this topic they suddenly become close minded, and dismissive. I mist admit that I became discouraged and stopped discussing it, until now that is, and I will re-open the discussion here.  I am doing this because I understand myself, and therefore I understand others in a more open and selfless way. I understand fear and how people react to it, especially the fear of being wrong.

  So many of us hold dearly to the knowledge we have gained, and rightfully so because we have worked hard and many have suffered the causation of our search for knowledge, skills, careers and so forth. In the search for outside knowledge we are incredibly clever as a species. Like our home, family or our food we protect our knowledge as it makes the other 3 possible, to have another come along and say that all you know can be done better, cleaner, faster and require less to provide more is a dangerous and terrifying threat to the very core of who many people think they are.

  Fear is always what stops us, whether it be ours or belong to someone else. Fear is not a wrong thing, it is there to help us protect ourselves from danger, it is unfortunately that very aspect of fear that others who understand fear put to good use to control all who oppose their interests, or as I said before, home, family and food. The scale ranges from one person to entire populations of people and the basic principal remains unchanged.

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