August 29, 2014

HELLO KITTY, your tea is filled with LIES!

HELLO KITTY, your tea is filled with LIES!

The  headlines about HK  and her evisceration by anthropologists on a witch hunt; well it drew me in like a kitten chasing a laser beam; after awhile I realised all of us were being HAD.

This sad media mega story attempts to explain a cartoons species by use of  Observational Analysis to find the truth, with science!
Which led to this, their statement of discovery "She is a feline cartoon character, not a cat."

The conclusion to their research is the largest pile of pedantic, faux academic, fluffy excrement ever to claw its way past my optic nerve,,, at least recently.

(In an alternate universe, somewhere, Titus figures out HK's little secret first, he stands up and hollers!)

"HOLY SHIT! She isn't a cat at all, she is a cartoon character in disguise! Jumping Keroppi on a Penis Stick, somebody needs to out that fake ass, tea sipping, party planning, cosplay psychopath right now!!  I am contacting the anthropology department right away to call for an investigation!"

Thankfully we, or at least I, have been spared that moment by the cosmic walls between dimensions which is protecting us from such things, I hope. Things like globally embarrassing ourselves with anthropological, self masturbatory revelations. Revelations, warping the gravity of thought; thoughts so dense they are collapsing in on themselves, thereby forming black holes of stupid.

These so called Journalists have created such a hole. It is sucking peoples attention from away from the now and spitting their intellect out, warped, askew, with its edge dulled by the experience.
Right now the infected are already having deluded conversations discussing the ideological value of said piece of Fluffy Excrement.

We can all take the time to let our media outlets know how we expect better. We can tell them that level to which they are performing is so low that they not use the word "Journalism"  without feeling shame.

I promise I will be drafting letters to government and businesses letting them know how I feel,       and how to start turning it all around.
Maybe this is an odd bit of media madness, especially to invoke the spirit of activism; maybe it is the perfect juxtaposition. Maybe we will be heard instead of ignored; you know, like real news.

                                           HK COSPLAY WHORE GOES MISSING

Image By Titus Prime

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