September 11, 2014

On the topic of Tea Party Conservative, McDaniel's

On the topic of Tea Party Conservative, McDaniel's and his wild claims of voter fraud being caused by African American's  and GOP Conservatives.

It took me 1 hour to find official FEC documentation of funds used against McDaniel for advertising by Conservative PAC's. It is also very clear from listening to Pastor Siggers endorsement that McDaniel's claim, that he was calling out to democrats to destroy the election with fraudulent voting, is nothing more than a delusional interpretation which has no foundation in the reality of what was said.

To say that he was calling out to african american communities to create fraud and fix the election against the Tea Party Candidate is delusional or yet another example of bending the facts into new shapes that fit the holes they wish to stick them in.

In this respect at least McDaniel's is a perfect representative of the Tea Party Conservatives. He proudly stands before the world and screams "Not Fair!" when he loses by a sizable amount and then blames it on criminal activity from black american voters.  He then tries to file a federal action of voter fraud based on his assumption that by talking to black voters, he was obviously talking to an all democrat audience.

I think it is inspiring that hardline GOP conservatives are coming out in force to remove all the Tea Party representatives; they made this mess, and are finally starting to take responsibility and clean it up.  I am a Progressive, therefore I only support the best possible route towards a better world for everyone, be it conservative Rep or Dem, Green Party, Independent, Liberal Rep or Dem and so forth.  There is a right way for us all to cohabitate and progress as a culture. No one party has the solutions that are the best, but all together, much like being American, we can make things work.

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