September 27, 2014

Andrew Breitbart is DEAD!!

 I have never been so happy to find out that someone died before. He died of a Heart attack in May of 2012  at the age of 43, from a diseased heart.  I would like to thank his heart for removing his ethically diseased person from the Earth.
  I really don't bother hating people, in fact I was disgusted by this man and it took two years for me to even chance upon the news of his much deserved demise. His career as a Journalist and News Watchdog was a driving force that twisted, raped and mutilated News Media and Journalism. He publicly spit on the graves of far better men than himself so he could feed on the attention of the Americans who had become addicted to his vitriolic manipulations and passive aggressive hate.

The world is a better place without him and I am much happier knowing he cannot sully or poison even one more moment of anyone's lives. 

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