October 19, 2014

The night I was transformed into a female and the lessons I learned.

I was at a college in one of the large common rooms with couches and tv's and such. Chatting with other geeks and students, like you do. Suddenly I was in a room by my mother's bed, and she looked at me and started singing, or chanting.

I reached down towards the carpet and knew there was a small ice cold pond of crystal clear water. I kneeled down and cupped the water and poured it over my own head  3 times and the crisp water coated me; then I began to change.

With the sound of my mother chanting, another voice joined as a different woman added her chants and I began physically transforming into a woman.

It was an amazing and very uncomfortable feeling. I actually was feeling the transformation, not just witnessing it. The entire process was physically experienced in a way that no dream I can recall has ever before.

I felt my neck getting a little longer and my shoulders shrinking, my chest losing its thickness, my arms becoming slender like my legs. My hands and feet became more petite, my face became feminine, slender of jaw and soft of cheek. As it finished I looked at myself in the mirror, it was still me. I had the same roguish smile, my lips were fuller and mouth a bit more narrow, but naturally in proportion with my face. I still had my dark full eyebrows, hazel eyes and long dark lashes, an untidy short mob of dark brown with deep copper toned hair now on my head. All that was just the outside changes which were not nearly as unsettling as what was happening inside. I felt my internal organs shift to fit the new skeletal structure. I was growing entirely new reproductive organs and felt my penis meld backwards, my testicles having pulled inside me to become part of my ovaries, I knew my vulva and labia were shaping themselves but was not in any mood to watch the process.  It was uncomfortable and strange at best and downright painful as my ovaries finished forming. I immediately felt cramps, and chuckled through the pain at the irony, first day as a woman and it was already that time of the month.

When it was done, I looked in the mirror and saw my new form. I was not drop dead gorgeous by societies standards, for which I am deeply grateful . Even though I am about 23 in the dream, I have the breasts of 14 year old; a hard pair of 38 b's that are obviously still developing from the change. I quickly learn to keep my arms out of the way of them and avoid touching the sore mounds forming there. I do not spend more than a moment examining my reflection. I put on some sweatpants, tshirt and a hoodie; then suddenly I am back in the common room again. My group of classmates are all either to interested in watching nothing on TV, playing with their phones, FB or studying. They don't notice any difference yet, they are in their own worlds and not paying attention to me, for which I am grateful.

One of my female friends bounces into the room and embraces me in energetic greeting; my yelp of pain as she crushes my still forming breasts makes her let out a small shriek, now everyone is curious.

So I gather them around and I explain it as academically and matter of fact as I can. I finish my presentation by pulling the top of my pants down just enough, presenting proof that I have suddenly become a female. I feel shy about showing my body. I haven't even looked at myself closely or really examined the changes, so I am certainly not eager start flashing my mound and lumpy painful chest growths. Then everything kind of goes back to normal, they return their attentions to whatever they were doing before.

 I plop down on the couch where some gamer geek I had been discussing nerdy stuff with before all this is lounging. I try to zone out on the TV and allow my mind to get to grips and accept this thing as a background process. I just want to be there and not freak out suddenly. I am a confused and upset and feeling very much like what I am, a girl.

The geek on the couch with me gives me a look that makes no sense at all to me and pulls quilt that's on the couch over himself, stretches out on his side and goes to sleep, I am at the far end of the couch wedging myself into the dark space between the cushions, attempting invisibility.He keeps fidgeting and making little grumpy noises under his breath and soon enough he has scooted a third of the way down the couch and has his legs propped over my lap up on the arm of the couch.

I am so confused about everything I am feeling that I do not care, nor do I want to get up and leave. I feel like I need people around or I will either freak out in private or mastyrbate until my lips get chapped from me trying to figure it out. He reaches under the blanket and very slowly starts drawing my arm towards him.

I cannot begin to fathom what is going on and figure this must be some weird sleepwalking type thing. That is until my hand is suddenly wrapped around his swollen erect cock. I am so lost I just sit there with it in my hand, it is not huge, in fact it is about 5 inches long and feels huge in my hand.. My hands are tiny now, my own cock is already a fading memory and the one in my hand I can feel pulsing and throbbing, it is too big to fit in my hand easily.

He makes eye contact with me and gives me a sleazy knowing gaze, flashing a smile at me that I have seen on mens faces that marked them as sexual predators.  He tries to be charming for a moment and reaches down to pull me towards him under the blanket.  I snap out of it the second I feel that this has gone from gross and weird to a possibly dangerous sexual situation.

He snickers at me as I back away from the couch, and I can see him beating off under the blanket.   Then I realize that the weird shyness I felt wasnt about my virginal mound getting filled by this jerk, it was because all the men and some of the women had all gone from friendly or uninterested,  to whispering and eye raping me.

While I was examining all of their body language, the dream ended.

I understand much more clearly what being female in our world is like..
And it was a rare full sensory experience that allowed me to feel something that is physically unique to females( cramping, sore breasts. and so on)

Because of that physical experience I was also thrown right into the everyday life of a young woman surrounded by socially insensitive, emotionally irresponsible men; preying on my confusion and confident of the physical strength they have over me. Someone to conquer and convince to give in to them so they can please themselves. If you're lucky they may take the time to enjoy you.  Chances are better they will use you like fuck doll, any hope of reciprocation lost the moment they cum.

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