May 25, 2015

Unrelated comparisons as validation of negative judgements.

When people try and compare San Francisco (The City) to NYC (You're either Uptown or Downtown.), or when they talk about how one sucks in relation to the other, which is so much better; I feel kinda sad. This kind of comparison only works as validation of negative judgements, it rarely brings any growth into a persons life. SF and NYC have only 3 things in common; people live there, its an ocean port and it has skyscrapers. Beyond those 3 most basic descriptions, you may as well compare breathing air and eating chocolate pudding; then judge that chocolate pudding, it is obviously an asshole.

Each one should be experienced for what it is, just like meeting a new person, appreciating a piece of art, listening to music you've never heard of or reading a book you only heard mentioned. See them for what they are and the experience changes who your are. When you need to make something you loved before into something bad to validate how good your life is now, nothing changes. You're only swapping one thing out for the other, like someone who jumps from one relationship to another, always looking for better or more; confident that this time it will change their life and make them happy. Maybe this will happen, but only if they find the change they need to become inside themselves first and embrace it.

If you can become aware your own bullshit, and identify each of the culprits, (My dear close friend calls them, "The Shitty Committee") you can begin to see the wonder of being alive in this moment.

Of course this only applies if you truly want to live life for the amazing thing it is, even the shitty parts. Some people do not want that, or they have convinced themselves that it does not exist or exists more for other people. I wish whoever you are or want to become the best of luck. No matter what path we choose we will create the world we live in; we can change it to.

Sorry this got so long, and please do not take it as a judgment of you as a person, I do not know you, but I know an awful lot about me and I learn more all the time. I have worked very hard to become the change in my life, and I am confident about the positive role I play in this life now. Everything I have said comes from my experience, I have lived in those same places and many many more. They are all awesome and shitty and fantastic, it would be a terrible crime to lie to myself and the world by being negative about the way I perceived my life in those places.

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