November 06, 2016

Something a dear friend reminded me of.

I was feeling the fear rising in me over this election, and very few people know why this fear is real.
My friend sent me this message, which I am posting here so I will see it again each time it is needed.

"You, unlike many, have traversed into the world beyond the bubble where the value of human life is negligible and justice is a lofty concept just out of reach for the common person. You have seen real poverty, real despair and real struggle. You returned to find your fellow citizens having very little true understanding of the scope of the gift and responsibility of liberty they are afforded by virtue of their citizenship. And the perspective you have has cost you your innocence. But my brother that is your burden to bear. You have done this so they don't have to. That is the truth of your sacrifice; you have to exist in the bubble knowing what waits beyond. You can not force them to see through the bubble. You can appeal to their sensibilities but they will never know what you know unless they choose to be involved as you have done. On the day after the election we are still Americans no matter what. But when I think about what that means; the peaceful transfer of power, I will think of people like you who toed the line and made it possible. Our burden is costly but it is necessary."

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