February 17, 2010

Being Ignorant doesn't mean you know how to fight!

So this is about that black kid getting up in that "gigantic I might add" older white mans face and hitting him on the bus. Slap!

Yeah, as a white kid who grew up in just about every ghetto on the west coast and the islands it has always boggled me. That is, the mentality of reverse racism. I have been in many heated discussions, a few arguments and two full blown brawls for calling out black men on their aggressive racism. All this, white man this and the man did that and we aren't nobody's slaves mothafucka. At least Mexican ghetto's didnt talk so much shit.

Sorry to inform you but you have managed to enslave yourselves again. I see a pattern emerging.
I love giving history lessons to angry ignorant jerks. Its a favorite hobby of mine. If they want to talk I will gladly go over current events to. No one wants to hear that the only one "Keeping them down." is themselves. But its true, they created the culture of violence they live in. Whitey never came down and forced them to start killing each other over nothing. No one said your to dumb for school and no one will let you have a good job. Well no one but themselves. Now as a people they have convinced the world of the what it means to be African American.
Horrible irony of that is the African part. We are all from Africa. That's the cradle of life.'
No argument, no discussion its just a fact.

As a people the first people to be slaves in the America's were Irish conscripts. Under false contracts and promises of land they came here. 90% of the time they were worked to death beyond any contract, not fed or taken care of and if they survived their contract it was rarely honored. All those big fucking inbred hillbilly's shooting US census people. Yeah sorry Irish people but that's the original Irish American. "Get the HELL OFF MY PROPERTY!" We escaped to the mountains and setup shop far from civilization and fucked each other stupid.

  Which brings me to African slaves. Who do you think sold your people into slavery in the first place? I don't mean the African people because they are still there and they don't get African Americans at all and generally find them kind of scary. I mean the tribe or city state if they happened to be a part of one of the larger nations. At this point I expect either angry lip flapping or all out bullshit. Sometimes they say the British, like duh! everyone knows that. But actually it was then, as it is now, themselves.

 Yep your own people sold you out to the French. Who sold you like puppies and cattle to the British. But hey, cheer up they were actually doing your ancestors a favor. If they had not sold you to the French or the British or whomever. They would have systematically erased your tribe and claimed the land. They were just happy they had something to do with all the people they intended on killing anyhow.

    So to the angry African American, get a clue, be thankful your ancestors survived. That they were not slaughtered and in some cases eaten by your fellow Africans. Feel blessed that those who survived fought for the right to be seen by everyone as humans. They helped shape our country into a place that inspires the oppressed and has many times been the beacon of hope in the bloody twilight of despotism.

      If you tried half the shit in Africa you do in the US they would have killed you already. I dont mean 200 years ago either. I mean today.

Point 2.
Being African or Mexican, Asian or Redneck from the ghetto, does not mean you can fight.

It has NOT been a joy being the lil white boy and the new kid at 27 school's from elementary to high school. All primarily in the low income housing areas, the so called amrican ghetto's.   Whether those idiots just think they can fight because they are black,or whatever color, how funny is it to assume your skin color makes you different or better than than other people. Then loudly exclaim people treat you different because of it.  Or to decide no one understands what it means to be you because of it.  As a person who grew up being attacked by every single color of people including a guy in blue body paint one time. I can say assholes come in every shape and size, but you dont have to shit on everyone.

The hard reality is that in most fights a good solid first punch will sway the overall balance, which has led to allot punk asses sucker punching people via ambush. Its not that they can fight, they are just pussies who know they are gonna have to run if they miss. Which because of this fact requires them to take action and attack long before they it was decided their was a reason for it. This isn't always the case, but more often than not.

Never assume dear readers that you are better than anyone, never let your guard down and I don't care if its a 90 lb Japanese school girl, never get cocky when your life is on the line. Your life is always on the line.
One of my best friends and I were discussing this lately and he said something that just rang out. We were talking about how we are both glad we didn't end up like many of our friends or people we grew up with, and he said to me " Man, I am so glad I didn't let the ghetto turn me into a nigger."

While it is unnecessary to explain this statement to those who have grown up with violence and poverty in their lives. The people who havnt always get offended by it. 

Polemicize on that G !

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