February 24, 2010

A Veggie Burger?? From this place?!

If you have never been to Oakland you most likely dont know the joy of a "Nations" Burger. Well my friend while going for his first equivalent Burger down in San Diego opted for the Veggie. Saying how after watching Fast Food Nation, ( I read the book.) he couldn't eat beef anymore. Well I only have one giant run on sentence to describe how I feel about that.
I am one of those rare types who can stare a malnourished, abused, blind cow; who wont stop crooning for her babies that were just torn from her then placed in dark boxes with infrared light to kill bacteria, right in the eye('huuuuuh' deep breath) And say" Yes I will have the double half pound, flame broiled veal burger, Strawberry malted shake and, if you dont mind make the cheese and the milkshake from the saddest cow you have. I wouldn't want to keep the family apart.

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