March 01, 2010

PlayStation 3 Screws the Pooch again!

Actually this time Sony made sweet love to the pooch. As of this morning there is a GLOBAL PS3 network black out. Well global except for as SCEA spokesperson said, "The newest PS3 slimline customers are not effected." This was actually the answer he gave when asked what they were doing about this global networking bug. What kind of company answers a serious question effecting millions of customers with a statement like, the newest ones work fine! F U Sony! This comes on the back of MUCH more irritating issue that I just happened to be doing the research for a class action for today. The PS3 from the start was sold to us as the next great machine in perfect harmony with its predecessors the PS1 & PS2. Backward Compatibility being the #1 reason given by 80% of PlayStation console users for buying these products in the first place. That and the per usual upgraded optic drive technology that we have come to expect. I still waited a year and a half for the PS3 to find its footing when initial systems were way way to expensive and per usual not made to last. When finally purchasing on I ignored the backward compatibility issue, well not ignored. I read everything SCEA had to say on it and there were still promises of the magical firmware update that would bring the PS3 all the honor it deserved and what its customers had been promised from the start. 3 years later and not only has SCEA not lived up to its promise it shows absolutely no intention of making a system that does. Their last 3 models of PS3 have boldly stated that they are not backward compatible. Which leads me to wonder WTF did I pay 450.00 for? A blue ray player? Bullshit. So now with the world in uproar over not being able to game on any system but the newest one I think it is the perfect time to strike while the poker is hot and slam home this compatibility issue that Sony, has very quietly slipped under the rug.

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