May 01, 2010

Popeye the thinking man.

A cold hard fact for people. :taken from a site for sermons.
A Sunday School teacher wanted to see if his students knew how to get to heaven:
"If I sold my house and my car, and gave all my money to the church, would that get me to heaven?" "No!" the children answered. "Well then," he said, "If I was kind to animals and helped people always?" Again they all shouted, "No!" "Well then," the teacher asked, "how can I get to heaven?" A boy stood up and instructed the teacher, "You gotta be dead!"

The child as usual, intuitively knows the nature things. The simple fact that there is nothing in life you can do that will assure a better afterlife. If you are unhappy, fix the problems that make you unhappy. Creation already gave us the best gift, life. If you are unhappy dont try and wish it away. Get up and work your ass off to make things different.

I used to wonder why people must believe that there is something better after this? I understand now. They are scared. Scared of the unknown. It is fear of the unknown that has always been the foundations of ignorance, and from that comes aggression and hate and violence. How selfish to take someones life from them because you do not understand yourself well enough to know the joy of life. Once you have truly tasted the energy field of our species you would never again wish harm on another who had done nothing to you.

When I, the being sitting here; typing this to no one and everyone die, its over. I and all that I have learned and done will become part of the psionic energy field that we as a species have created. The me will end. That is fine; thanks for the time smelling flowers, having sex, getting hurt, realizing truths and discovering lies. Playing video games and running in fog covered hills. For long motorcycle rides down lonely freeways by the ocean at 4 am. For everything, Thank you for this amazing experience.

That said, there is joy everywhere. Let go of hate and be well. Fall in love, with yourself. Not the selfish love they teach us in modern culture. But the kind of love you would give your child or your parent. You are just as deserving of it and the best person to supply it is yourself. No one, except your mother, can love you the way you can. When you accomplish this you will find others who love you to.

Love is a system of cascading energy fields that create event envelopes of positive energy flow. It is attracted to energy fields that resonate in the positive spectrum. A positive psionic energy field cannot exist within a negative field. If you have filled yourself with negatives you will not know love until you cleanse yourself of them. So get to work, enjoy the work, or just enjoy the fact that you are alive and capable of not enjoying whatever the hell you want.

These are just a few warm, soft facts.

Titus Prime

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