May 27, 2010

Hating the hand that helps you.

The President, Barrack H. Obama,

I don't get it, what is it that people hate about him? Why run around spreading hate? T hats really what it is, because there's no facts to back it up, and that's just blind ignorant hatred.. Peopl dont feel the same compelling need to go around convincing others how good someone is just because some stranger  said they were great do you? Even someone close to you, just because you love and trust them doesnt mean that someone couldnt lie to them.

When people start repeating the lies of other people who is responsible for it? Its always the last person who said it, for not bothering to makes sure first. I always start with respect when considering another person, and I allow then for thier actions to strengthen or remove that trust. Yet even close friends of mine. People who for the most part had such open thinking minds would rather hate first and deny the facts of what a person does for the shelter of angry negativity and ignorance.

 Whats the deal?

 I read people like books.  Slowly and throroughly most people are more like pamphlets. My whole life I have been able to and have conciously honed and tested it against the real world for results. I scare myself how accurate I am more often than not. I  can practically predict a persons actions now. Yet I stear away from anything that seems like assumption or blind geuss work. People are complicated creatures sometimes and relying on a such a ability is a dangerous road to destruction. More  so it is just one of many tools I use.  Once I made a completely false judgment about someone. Alcohol and my dick were involved. You should never think with either and I never did again after that one mistake.It wasn't even a big mistake, but when it comes to trusting yourself to make accurate judgments about human beings, being wrong can be very bad.

I never trusted Obama because he was a black democrat. Those who know me know I was raised in the ghetto's of every ethnicity that resides in this country. I am registered Green Party. I worked for Nader, because I knew him first hand and had looked at the facts not the opinions about the man,Nader that is. It was hilarious to watch TV about him. The Media had done such a excellent job of making him look like some backwards moron who was so dull he couldn't speak. I can tell you first hand it was all media lies. That man was one of the greatest public speakers I had ever heard . Wow, he could stir a crowd. The Bush thing was beyond fucked. I volounteered at the head office in sacramento ca where I lived .As calls were coming in from Florida where our people were being thrown in jails without charge. Families of ethnic coloring being pulled over and detained and not being allowed to leave. Not until the polls closed at least. It was horrifying to watch happen. Our country was being stolen from us.Gore had called days before and begged Nader to release his voters and tell them to vote for him before it was to late. It was a bad move on naders part and arrogant of him in hindsight. He told Gore to release his votes to him.. We cheered at the time, We all knew Nader wouldn't get the house, but we just wanted to prove to the country that there are more than two choices. We never thought that just by being active positive goaled citizens trying to prove the system was fair we would be the lynch pin for a global disaster.

    Understand this isn't how it was reported to me or read from a recounting of it. I was there. The entire free thinking world turned on Nader after that, he has never been the same. He understands the damage he caused with his moment of arrogance. If he had told me to vote gore I would have. Because he was an honest good man.

I didn't trust Obama when he was running for president. I stopped trusting politicians long ago when daddy bush went into office and started the frame work to rape this country. I couldn't trust bill because even though he was a damn good president he wasn't man enough to tell the world it was none of their business and was between him and his wife. I hadn't voted since W hijacked the country and proved to me that democracy was dead. While  Obama was giving his speech the whole world changed. I could feel this immense joy coming from everywhere and realized it was the feeling of the people at that exact moment. All throughout my city. I didnt give a rats ass who the president was as long as it wasn't another dictator.

       When I watched his acceptance speech was the first time i had ever actively payed attention to him. I normally dont watch politicians speech's because to me its like having someone spit while they talk in front of you. Every gesture and tone and eyelid and the presence they project is offensive to me in general. I have met many great local politicians but they are what they are, local.

As I watched Obama I analyzed him like I never have another. Because the longer and harder I focused the more shocked I became. I realized that I actually believed him. Not his words or promises, because its really almost impossible to promise something that effects billions of people is going to work out in one way or another, that's just life and shit happens.  I mean I realized that I felt nothing false about this man. He was good. Truly a good person. I am still shocked and when people report nasty things about him. I investigate because it still boggles me that a truly good human that is making broad vast sweeping changes that will make us the country to look to once again as we move towards a global community, exists.
So I ask, why hate the man? Is it just to do so, because so many people believe in him. A form of mass political self hatred? Projected self esteem of a political party?
In many ways, I feel a tad sorry for the so called Conservi tive part. While hating bush was easy, because he consistantly stomped on this nations values and walked the planet like a mean rich kid who wants to break everyones toys. Thes actions could be easily verified and people just didnt care. The goverment had anesthtitized us with credit and TV and proven that you cant make a difference in every way they could.  
But now when faced with having to come up with reasons why the president is evil. The main haters out there proudly proclaim thier ignorance and total lack of any factual information as thier beacon of truth.
Seriously, check out
This is the Tea Party, the so called, new left. This isnt someone's site trying to make them look bad this is thier own site proclaiming thier knowledge. Showing everyone of us that are to stupid to see how Obama is evil.  How depressing to be a Conservitive politician and have to nod and smile when your supporters come out in the thousands and turn out to be clueless angry, and ignorant.
Even at there best as I can only guess those videos are they proudly stand there repeating words they dont understand until they forget the hate script.
Well, I can only pray to the universe and hope that our man lives out a long life with his family, and is not killed by some freak who thinks he is the living embodiment of the antichrist.
How sad to be killed by someone for a religous ideal no modern  or classic churches even think is real anymore.

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