April 07, 2011

The top 5 Best Mash-ups of 2010 (Chosen by the inner circle of Mash-up culture)

So as mash-up becomes more common and the world starts to take notice of us, so we then become the subject of the worlds critique. Well we have our own group of content creators and we have our own lists of who among us has done what we consider the finest of any one time period. None are better than the other, all are great and honestly the list would be 100's of songs and videos long if we didnt try and limit it in some fashion. (We make alot of cool shit.)

Here is the top 5 of 2010 as picked by those of us who actually work to make all of the great mash-ups.  My personal favorite is #5 By  The Reborn Identity: American Days Are Gone

#1 Mighty Mike: Black or Free

#2 DJ Lobsterdust Knock out Eilieen

#3 Bynar   Bynar - Reigning Knights of No Man's Land (Muse vs. UNKLE vs. Calvin Harris vs. Orbital) by Bynar
#4 LeedM101 :

#5 The Reborn Identity :   The Reborn Identity - American Days Are Over by RebornIdentity

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