February 08, 2015

The state of the nation of the people of the north american continent. Or, The Unraveling State of America.

The Internet should be a public utility with federal oversight. We the people own the bandwidth.We are allowing it to be practically given away to be used by a for profit political superpower thats agenda is fundamentally opposed to structure and function of our national government.

They have taken over our utilities, shut down our schools, purchased our essential transportation infrastructures like freeways and many bridges and then charge us to use them. They have created a theology to justify dishonesty in the pursuit of personal gain. These purchased political figures are their agents, fueled by greed whose acts of espionage against our country are very effective. They even have convinced a large part of our society they are the ones helping us.

How can anyone believe we can fix the issues in our country and society by systematically defunding and then selling off the social institutions and foundational infrastructures that our country has worked so hard to create? How can anyone convince themselves that the abolishment of the organizations we have created to safeguard the health of our people, the protection of our national treasures , reserves and resources as well as to ensure that are not victimized by special interests whose goals only serve them, how can anyone think that is a great idea?!

I feel so frustrated and deeply saddened by the way things are going in our country. I have always been an activist, politically, socially and philosophically. My love for my country is built from a deep respect for the millions of Americans who came before us, who fought and died by the thousands to protect the ideas that founded this country. To create a nation based on honor and mutual respect where the rule of law stood equal to all people and justice is the standard.

What is happening is going to be an absolute nightmare, I mean it already is. Out here in Missouri, I have had my Internet automatically shut off by my provider 3 times for "Alleged Infringement of the Intellectual Property and Copyright of various media mega corps.

It seems that all the ISP in this state have acceptable use policies written in such a way as to authorize the monitoring, and recording of customer activity on their network. The acceptable use policy is deeply Prussian in its construction as it allows corporations to have access to user data for whatever purposes they see fit. They do not tell you that though. The companies A.U.P. is basically a reverse code of ethical conduct. You can do anything you want as long as it doesn't violate the long list of unacceptable behaviors and activities that they have decided is their right and duty to enforce on their customers. Seriously yo, the AUP goes as far as to dictate how a customer is allowed to communicate with other people online. They justify the monitoring and recording of everything you do so that they can enforce their own penal code. They also give access to major corporations too my data so that they can also police my activities and gather marketing data. They watch the websites I visit, what I download and where from, who I have completed financial transactions with and even the content I place online; even my blogs and open forum discussions are available for them to police as they choose.

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