February 08, 2015

Why I trust Obama.

Originally written in 2011

I have been a politically aware and involved citizen since before I could vote; therefore I stopped trusting politicians around 1988. When I first heard this man speak; I was stunned by his words.  I trust my personal judgement of people and for only the second time in my life I found myself trusting a presidential candidate. Not just any candidate, but some guy I had never heard a damn thing about, a political stranger.

 I do not exaggerate when I say I was shocked and skeptically confused by my instinctual feeling of total trust in him. It was the first time I have really doubted my judgement (We should doubt our judgment from time to time, it is very healthy to re-examine our thought process and force ourselves to use an analytically sound process to justify our personal logic.)

 I may not always agree with this presidents decisions and have even heard myself yell "WTF?!" a few times.

. What most everyone against him  has not done is researched the facts and thought for themselves   As a thinking person who has actually read the legislation, policies and judiciary hearings involved with the ACA; I can say you have been cruelly misled if you believe we the ACA is bad for our country.

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