July 19, 2014

What's on your mind? Facebook asked Titus, as if it cared about what he was truly thinking.

 I have made the decision to seriously reduce the amount of time and energy I spend on Facebook.
I am instead devoting my reclaimed energy and time to creating new projects, learning new technologies and  the tools to do it with; also to this, my long ignored blog.

I care deeply about the lives, loves, sorrows and joys of my friends. As they should all know, I live by my word and my actions are proof of my word.

    With that said, I can no longer allow myself to waste so much energy, time and genuine concern over the meta society of Facebook. We all have wonderful and amazing lives, whether they are acknowledged by us as such or not. We go through trials and adventures and moments of intensity so extreme that they change us; sometimes they even change those around us. Those moments should be shared, the moments that inspire us or devour our hope; the moments that are shared whether we tell anyone or not; like the loss of a loved one, or falling in love; sharing these things with those close to us is an important part of the journey we are all on together.

 Facebook in my opinion is a double edged sword that has one side worn down to a dull round edge of banality and self possessed obsession with sharing ones every passing thought; trivial encounters, slightly amusing memes and an endless list of places we went out to eat at.  Our every single movement and action has been given a link, app or button to interact with so that we do not really have to waste time interacting with each other about the things that may have been special or horrible. It is a never ending running commentary of activities so mundane that, in most cases, people to not even bother to comment briefly on the who, where, why or what as it pertains to their postings.

I recently found myself pondering all of our lives before Facebook, before the Internet for that matter. I talked to my friends, long involved discussions, sharing stories and listening to each others adventures as it related to the moment we were in together. What we never, ever, ever spent time doing was talking about everything we had seen or place we had been to get a bite to eat. We didn't talk about every single book we ever read, nor did we rehash our opinions on every film, TV show, or short film we had seen.  We did spend a lot of time sharing what we thought was important, what we believed that our friends and people around us would gain something from because we had gained something special from it. Whether it was laughter, insight, inspiration, empathy or just plain awesomeness, what we shared was important.

Nothing seems very important on Facebook; everyone has become entirely jaded, or obsessed with the act sharing. The very idea of sharing has been flattened into a 2 Dimensional plane and can only measure it's worth in the amount of likes it gets; its life expectancy is short, its impact barely measurable as a ripple of minutiae in a sea of memes.

For these reasons and to enhance my own lifestyle I have returned to this format of sharing. I am sharing this with myself, in the future; one day I will read this again and I will reflect on my reflections.

BTW, I am very manly Muppet.

In parting I leave you, and me, with an important message; the very message that helped me see a healthier path to walk as I move forward.  I felt the words of Matthew Silver as if he were speaking directly to me, and knew that he was, in his own way. We are all one and when we truly speak what is in our hearts, we are speaking to everyone.

Thank you Matthew.

I am going to end this with a song, a song about living.

Passenger 'Scare Away The Dark' Dir: James Lees from James Lees on Vimeo.

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