July 26, 2014

Working on Working

For the last 3 years almost I have been in a rut. I became so obsessed with needing to create something great and challenging that I backed myself into a corner inside a round room; then just kept circling. Well, no more of that crap, as of today I have started making Mashup videos again. They may not be high art, but they are something that engages me to think creatively again. I must say my training has paid off though; even though I haven't made much of anything in years, the video I made today took me only 5 1/2 hours to make from idea to final render.

So here it is the concept image:

and here is the video
Turn Fancy for What-Tom Boates Everybody from Titus Prime on Vimeo.

A big thank you to Tom Boates Everybody, for making the mashup and another big thanks to my dear friends at Bootie San Francisco for putting this in track in their July 2014 Top 10 list.

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